A Sweeper’s Take on Life

 Not every profession gathers great respect. Here’s my interview with a  Dubai street sweeper who holds a different perspective on his job.

Note: Article has been altered in terms of translation and level of language for the readers.


What makes you happy?

“Salary and smiles. I have seen a bunch of faces around this city. Some people look at me like I am one with the garbage. However, if I was, this city would be filled with garbage. I’m up and running by 5 am, making sure my designated areas are spick and span”.

“There have been good souls out here, though. Not everyone’s a prune in the morning. Some of them raise their morning tea’s to me or bat smiles at me”.

You really are an undervalued member of society. Not a lot of employees are satisfied with their jobs but You radiate with joy. You do contribute towards its growth. I’m sure your kids are proud of you!

“Everyday, I call up my wife to have a word with her and my kids. She takes such good care of them. She does work I wouldn’t. I hear men, when in my home town, talk rashly about their wives. These women are home makers. That’s why I know my job is important as well. I work hard to keep this city shining. And after a long day, I get to hear my kids go on rampages about their studies and what they fought over that day. Nothing can put a price on the smile on my face when I hear their voices”.

Hardly do we find educated men to praise their wives for being homemakers. And here you are, throwing appraisals at women who choose to stay home to make homes out of houses. The passionate and simple-minded local street cleaner surpasses the mindset of many who claim to be progressive.

Even with a simple life, the sweeper says, “I truly love my job. It’s been 22 years but there’s nothing else I’d rather do”.


9 thoughts on “A Sweeper’s Take on Life

  1. there is dignity in doing a job well. there is wisdom in knowing to respect the dignity of others. and there are no low tasks and professions there are just tasks and professions. each has their importance. good post.

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