Writings of a 17-year-old

Different people handle difficulties in diverse ways. I chose to learn and accept the outcome of a negative experience and use it as a learning experience. In the end, to all, it’s how one chooses to perceive a scenario and pick oneself up from it and move ahead. This is what I’ve learned.

I present to you, the writings of a 17-year-old. 

“You learn from your mistakes? Great! But that doesn’t authorize you to use the excuse of its apology to make more grave mistakes. You’re crying now. But really, you’ll be laughing again and at…soon. Be strong, you.”

“Be true to yourself. Not to someone else for the sake of your esteem.”

“‘Eating with friends, omg squad goals’. Um no. Goals are ambitious that you fulfill. TO be like your idol is a goal. If you don’t have a dictionary, google it. Illiterates have clearer definitions of goals rather that teenagers these days.”



“You’re not weak. You’re just scared of letting go. Be free and happy! Don’t let it restrain you in any way. Be cautious, wise and creative at the same time.”

“Look, you want to do something, you do it. Someone tells you you’re incapable, ask why. It’s hate, walk past. It’s not, you grab their hand and walk ahead.”

“Let’s build a breach between us. How? Your towering ego is in the way. For Christ’s sake, I can’t even see my own shadow.”

“You’re so smart, beautiful and have an incredible personality. So why the hell are you listening to him who can’t have you and her who wants to be you?”

“Ass? Booty? Ever heard of heart, emotions, personal- of course not, you’re still staring at her breasts.”

“Protection is un-censorship. Not banning. People need to watch, listen and do. Respect the truth, not run from it.”

“Don’t over-think, be happy, go with the flow, embrace what you encounter, live and love just because you can. No moment is better than now and won’t ever return.”


“It’s inevitable. You’re losing seconds by TRYING to run away from it. You’re not Jesus or the thousand others. You’re one-second closer every day. Death’s tomorrow. Are you going to risk it?”

“I think it’s safe to say that ‘it’s worth the wait’ is bullshit and it’s now or never. You’re literally losing seconds by waiting for the never-happening.”


“Yes, I am a good person, it just takes a lot of effort to see through the bulllshit that people have created between me and the world.”

“You never stop growing. You’re growing right now. But the choice to grow mentally and in which direction? That’s your choice and not an influence. Make a good choice of it.”


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