You’re Not Beautiful

“Yes, I am!”
“No, you’re fat”
“And that corresponds to being ugly?” “If anyone, it’s you who’s ugly. You can’t even, for a second, comprehend the value of tagging someone as beautiful”.
The word beauty isn’t just an adjective. It doesn’t just describe someone or something and add a slight value to it. It defines the character. Being beautiful allows one to understand that if they were to enter a room, they would have all eyes on them. They’re radiant, shining and worth noticing.
Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and hearts. Granted, it is still a label but it forbids one to think that they can be considered on the same level as someone they’d give up all to be.
Next time, before addressing someone obese, skinny, bald, freckled, dark skinned, short, yellow-teethed or hairy as ugly, introspect. You’re not perfect, no one is. Beauty comes in a variety of rainbows and you’re not in it if you think your hurtful comments behind or in front of someone is regarded ‘helpful’ or ‘constructively critical’.
No, this doesn’t just stand for women. Boys are constantly told that they need to have abs, a sharp jawline and everything big to be considered ‘worth noticing’. They want to be called beautiful or even handsome regardless of photoshopped beauty standards that you’ve been influenced by.
Healthy or otherwise isn’t being taken for granted. Some people try and can’t attain what they can’t achieve. Do you know what it’s like to not be noticed your whole life and only be called beautiful when you have a bucket of makeup on your face? It’s painful. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 4.31.38 PM

You have a thousand imperfections but I bet no one says it to you because they know exactly what it’s like to be shot down when they finally build a grain of self-love. Go to a friend, child or parent and tell them they’re beautiful. Worth it. Gorgeous! That will boost their self-esteem and will restore the lost faith in them, back again.

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