No coming back

Once gone, gone forever. Friend, foe, parent, role model, gone.
How exactly does one get over the loss of a loved one? How do they present themselves to the world and move past it in such a strong manner? How do they conquer every bit of weakness to overcome a situation in the future that may remind them of the lost love?
I’ve never truly lost someone over whose death I’ve mourned and not been able to get over. Christina Grimme was my role model. She was a singer, YouTuber and genuinely incredible human being and she got shot when she reached out to hug a potential fan, who unfortunately turned out to be the one to end her existence.
Unfortunate for him because her presence lives on till today. She physically lived gracefully and happily till the 16th of June, 2016. 
It’s been four moths since her departure, so why haven’t I gotten over the death of a singer whom I’ve never met or engaged with.
She was the reason I started to learn to play the guitar and the ukulele. She was the reason I started to secretively sing in my room. She was the ONLY reason I gained a drop of courage to apply to the London College of Music. She still is the world of a reason that I performed on stage in front of my school singing music that made a lot of sense to me and my emotions.
When you think of loss, it’s scary because it’s gone. There’s no undo or ‘try again’ button. There’s only moving forward. Hence, when a friend is still mourning the loss of someone as important to them, hold them and for heaven’s sake, don’t EVER think it’s justified to say “you didn’t know them, every has to go someday so just move on”.
To those who have lost loved ones in their lives, I’m sorry. Stay strong and talk to someone about it. You will get past it. But if you’ve been able to move past their loss, you’re a real hero. It’s not easy. I hope you lead a happy life henceforth and instill courage in others to make peace with what’s already happened.

   In memory of Christinacapture


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