Stay to save

What’s not okay? Telling someone to just be happy.

What’s okay? Telling someone it will get better and progressively helping them achieve a state of genuine happiness.

What’s not okay? Rampaging on about a negative situation.

What’s okay? Finding a silver lining.

When we think of a horrendous wave of negativity, we hear cries for help. Rarely do we find or encapsulate the position of Poseidon, God of the sea. Failed a relationship? “I’m useless” will not lead you to do better in your next or raise/ maintain any inch of remaining self-esteem. You did good somewhere along the way and got to learn a lot. Unless you pick yourself up, it would be nearly impossible for an external source to do the same. Even in the case of a psychiatrist. If you block out their attempts to assist and encourage you to get better, you won’t heal.

Parents? Be your kid’s friend. Talk to them without judgement. Don’t shun them away when they genuinely have an issue. Depression isn’t stupid or “getting over a stupid problem”. Surrender your old beliefs and methods of demeaning your children and understand that if you’re not there, things will get ugly. Gradually, your child isn’t going to be yours anymore.

Friends? Talking isn’t girly and hugs are vital. Don’t feel ashamed even if you think our advice will sound invalid or unhelpful. Listening is the first step. Congratulations on listening.

Remember, a healing process isn’t a quick and painless process. There will be a mountain of drawbacks and new complications. If you’re here to stay, help. Don’t walk away when you have the ability to help.


Head over to my YouTube video ,  that openly discusses the severe importance of World Suicide Prevention Day. Hopefully, it will be of much more assistance than this post.

Save a life before it’s too late. Have a wonderful day, love.


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