Tired of being a ” girl”

You know what’s annoying? When someone says “shh, don’t act out, you’re a girl”.
First of all, screw you. I can and will say what I want to, when I want to. I’m not going to consider this protective, male chauvinistic layer you’ve built up for yourself. And to those aunts who think it’s inappropriate, I’m so glad you think I’m being loud and annoying, I picked it up from you.
It bothers me how men can get away with swearing, showing off their body and working in high-end jobs. I step out of the house in shorts and I’m being labelled as un-cautionary. I’m not following social protocols because I’m dressed provocatively. And even if I sit at home and sit the way I want to, I’m not sitting like a girl. “Shut your legs!” my maid says. Well then, shut your eyes. If you can’t bear to see equality and expression of one’s true self, please sew your eyes and ears shut.
Our generation pleads for change; a more accepting and progressive world. Not one where we’re found vulnerable and beaten down. Your morals are backward-thinking, now. It’s time you realize this and get with the time.
My friend arranged a birthday dinner recently. And just as I was about to step out, my mother stopped me to tell me that my full length pant and collared-sweater was inappropriate for the event. We were going to a bar. Not the White House. When I got to the bar, all the guys were in clothes similar to what I was wearing and all the girls in pretty coloured shirts. So then, what was so wrong with wearing what I wore? NOTHING. The mindset that I shouldn’t wear something that something isn’t meant for me, HAS GOT TO BE ERADICATED.
It was torturous as a child that I got all pink endowed gifts while all I ever wanted was a race car. Did I appreciate the gift and sentiment? Definitely! But how much of a gift was personalized there? They assumed I’d love it and sent me crying to my room.
Luckily, it took my family 18 years to figure out that I DON’T FOLLOW GENDER NORMATIVE WAYS. And that it was okay. I never rebelled. But I told them that if it was okay for an educated man to demand that a woman’s place was in the kitchen, then it was very VERY much alright for me to dress in the tomboyish way I desired to, simply because it was my suited style and that it made me feel comfortable.
Bottom line, not every girl wants to be a princess and that’s okay. Not every boy wants to be a lumberjack either.

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