Good day

I just had the best momentary experience.

Today was a long day at the universtiy and I needed to just grab a hot drink and relax.

I did the first best thing, went to Church. It proves calming and peaceful to my tensed mind.

I drove to my local Church. It’s a place where I can purpose peace with myself and others.

Today showered a beautiful ceremony with happy songs and praises for the Lord and day!

Behind me was a lady, of 40 or so, and she sang. She sang loud and proud. She gave it her all. She used every string of her vocal chords. She sang like she was in Greece. I never saw her or looked back. Otherwise my mother would’ve given it to me. 

I then understood two things: 

1. Thank God for the gift of a good voice. We have talents that we don’t acknowldge or thank the stars for.

2. Don’t be ashamed. If you’re singing, dancing or even acting for a purpose other than a judgement, you go do it! Bring your shower singing out to the world! Sing to the lord!

 He won’t care what it sounds like. What matters is that you did it with a spirit!

Slay the vocals. Sing in the shower. Dance break in the mirror. Pee into the wind! 

Let yourself go and feel the power and joy in you flow through your veins! 

I can now lay my head to rest knowing I had a good day.


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