Being uncontrolled

Human beings are controlled by three things in their personalities- id, ego and superego. Basically, the id tells you to do something regardless of the consequences you or someone else may face. The ego reminds you of the repercussions so you can think twice before being impulsive. And the superego reminds you of your moral values and questions your motive to satisfy your desire.
This is the case with bullies. Bullies are driven by their ids. They don’t think, they just do. The feeling of satisfaction gained from threatening a target keeps bullies motivated to do it again and again. The targets on the other hand are defenseless. They don’t lack strength or the motives to fight back simply because they are not driven by impulses to attack and destroy. They know what it’s like to fall down and get mentally tortured and that’s why they refrain from fighting back. They’re controlled by emotions and sensitive natures required in societies to put an end to bullying. Listening to our moral conscience that guides us towards doing the right thing is difficult to do, but so important and rewarding.

So the question here is- Do we just bear with it or do we do something about it?

3 thoughts on “Being uncontrolled

  1. Bullies. Ew, just thinking of the word:/ I don’t like movies who try to justify bullies by bringing up possible reasons why they do it and stuff, because no matter what, it’s always the victims who suffer in the end. Unlike in fairytale where the bully gets to eat poop in the end and the victim wins and lives happily ever after, in real life what the bully did to the victim will define the victim for the rest of his/her life and that is not okay. I hope they realize what they’re doing and I hope they grow some heart. You’re right, it’s their ego and pride and the truth is it shouldn’t be, they should know that.

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