A closer look

Most cultures around the globe have instilled in generations to come, a sense of dread. The unimaginable horror of not scoring well in exams, getting jobs  in order for aunts to proudly and sneeringly parade about to other aunts at their local kitty parties.

I’ve been dragged to some and believe me, and it’s a horror fest of pink.  It’s an illusion adopted and created by previous generations to ensure that not acquiring a suitable job matches to not dowry-scavenging a bride.

Thankfully, times have changed but at a gradual process. A process that has resulted in murders and banishment of loved ones due to a follow for their respective free spirits.

It is only NOW that individuals are beginning to take a closer look into the practicalities and scope of not only surviving but also redeeming a well off name in a society that is constantly evolving for the better.

It’s up to a certain segment of the population that deems this as doable; that is after constant rebuttals and persistent persuasion that “I will make you proud”.



Reach for the stars.


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