I have questions

It’s funny how..nothing was funny about that statement, yet, it was a starter to a larger rhetorical/ sarcastic comment on human nature.

It’s crazy how..everyone is so aware of how crazy it is but difficult to accept or attend to for more than a span of 2 seconds.

We’re all a part of a larger part that finally pours into the manufacture of a universal bed of “unique beings”. Some of us are so focused on conforming, while the rest of us are employed in attempting to form a fresh, new norm or..dis-conform.

EVERYBODY WANTS UNIQUE, yet most of us want to be skinny. “I’m not your average girl”..you remember as she throws her mood swings and possession around you like a cheater’s loophole. She’s no longer that hot bird you spotted at the bar.


We’re living a monotonous story with no boundaries. What is a boundary? Something that prevents you from making a horrid blunder? Something that sets a limited guideline? Or is it just a word we use to write songs about regarding partying that forms as one of the Billboard’s top 100 for a week’s period?

After what point is there a right or a wrong?

  Is there a point?

What’s the point of a boundary if it’s limitless? Does that imply a paradox such as life?

BUT what’s funny (as mentioned earlier) is paradoxes. They’re funny and challenging, and that’s what compresses into a characteristic of life.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.47.27 PM


These waves have no boundaries; yet, at some point, they will come to a stand still. If they retrieved and rushed forward with thundering power, they would birth a tsunami and murder mankind.

Now that’s crazy.

So, boundaries, yay or nay? That’s left to kind and dust. Our world’s evolving into something unfathomable. BUT THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT!



It forms random limits amongst us all that forces beings to unifyingly form changeable norms into which, some may fit. Undoubtedly, some of us may be neglected, but hey that’s where beauty of segregation is produced.

A unit that travels social miles to introduce and change a law.



One thought on “I have questions

  1. Hi Steph! I’m living hr in abu dhabi… uhm I was curious abt u…anyway I can rel8 with ur personality I have lots of friends…but I love being alone to think of ideas… I love writing too.. I can read YOU thru your writings. You know what I love the forest. And I liknn myself to the wildlife animals there
    I wanna be your virtual friend. Read it if you have time.

    Liked by 1 person

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