Making anyone feel like someone

   I was in history class on Thursday and after a week of pop (more like shocking) quizzes and pep rallies, I was exhausted. It was the end of the day and I had 10 minutes to go and redeem the weekend. Now history class is tricky. It’s either you know, or you’re booed till you find a new class that showers you with a freshman vibe of sympathies. The vein on my professor’s head was about to pop when the boy who constantly Snapchat filtered his face, was fumbling with formulating a possible answer to the question. By this point, we were all done and were subconsciously begging the professor to let us free for the weekend. Subtly, the class nerd, as some bullies call him and as some of us fondly call Luther, raised his palmed hand in response to the question posed by our now outraged professor. “1973!”, he shouted. Boiling, the professor yelled at him for saving us by the bell.

    Luckily, the Snapchat hero went home safely, but for Luther, it was the other way round. He didn’t receive any form of admiration for his reply. He simply packed up, head bowed down in sorrow and walked out of the room. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Good for him. Nerds only know books and by this, not let others learn. but, have you ever thought that maybe Snapchat boy should have concentrated and could have been the nerd instead? No. Because we’re quick to judge and point fingers at the little things.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 2.09.47 PM

We often overlook the humanistic nature in people because they may have “pissed” us off for a second. If Lebron James took the ball away from you at practice and scored, saving the team’s dignity; wouldn’t you have looked at him in awe? Wouldn’t you have wished that you could have been like him?

   Funny how the nerd is still shamed for being book smart and how a basketball legend is praised for doing the same in his field. 


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