Are you willing to take a chance?

So recently, I’ve been attending university in the place that I’ve been brought up in and to be honest, throughout my life, I haven’t received the best views on the education here. Up until now, I was in my little bubble of comfort that was the internet; and getting out of my room to travel for almost an hour to get to an educational institution seemed rather scary and nerve-wracking. And for a person who has a lot of social anxiety, oh boy was it a mess of a situation.

Consequently, on the first day of the first week, first -stressful and oh gosh I’m an adult now- week, I was approached by a girl of the similar nationality to mine and we talked. And when I mean talked, she did and I listened. And this transitioned into her bringing so many other people into the conversation. At this point, I was exceedingly confused because it seemed as if she had been going to this university for ages; when in all actuality, she was a freshman like me, just, she was more social. So there I was, standing in the middle of a zoo of talking lips and social hugs in that tall-forted rotunda, whilst I produced formal handshakes with social beings being introduced to me. I’m not egotistical, but all I’m saying is that it was like playing with a cat. You think it’s sweet and adorable after binge watching several cat videos on YouTube (don’t deny the truth); but after a while, it stops you from petting or playing with it on the whole because it just wants you to keep your distance.

Eleven hours had gone by, but not a single word from my mouth had. Until at last the clock struck 8 pm and I breezily complimented one of the new beings sitting at my graciously, food-laden table. It was then on that I realised that not only was I hesitantly but gradually opening up to these people but envisioned that these “beings” were now my friends. “Friends” I didn’t have for a very long time. It brought not only myself but also a lot of other people, like my mother, a lot of pleasure and tears in her eyes; proud that her introverted 17-year-old was now a college- going, responsible, friends-surrounded 18-year-old.

And I couldn’t be happier.

So the lesson learnt?: Take a chance, make a change and breakaway. You never know what’s in store for you. I for sure didn’t. But I put myself out there and now I can safely proclaim that I’m not as depressed as I was, not as alone and certainly have people who constantly make sure I’m smiling and tension-free.

Change is gradual and is the only constant. You’re living in a bubble of your insecurities and there are thousands of people out there who are waiting to shower you with their love, affection and support. Start off by giving them a slight chance. And cautiously enough, one by one, things will start to make their revolutionary turns.

So, take that chance to find your light. Good luck, sweetie.


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