Instagram post

Some of my readers, who are aware of my Instagram account, know broadly enough that I’m someone who enjoys the moment and rarely takes “selfies”. And even if I ever dare to do so, rarely do I ever post them. I save them for the sake of good times and memories. Therefore, collectively, my Instagram account has been devoted the use and production of art. Some call it pretentious and some call it artsy. Either ways, it’s posts of the world, things that fascinate me, products that I devour on and the like. Supplementing this, a while ago, I had posted a few pictures which were of serious matters, themes that I felt and do feel strongly about. The one held closest to my heart – the issue of bullying. I wouldn’t want to go into the whole anatomy of the process and situational occurrences of my bullying tales so, this is what I did and will show you right now. Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 4.07.36 PM

“Being bullied for being too fat for societal norms, too straightforward in a protected society, too open and truthful in a place where people live in their fantasies, too ugly to fit into the world of makeup brands, too slutty to date all her/his friends, too gay for a straight society, too weird and introverted to have a different meaning of ‘fun’ and the list goes on until the person being bullied gives in and leaves. And where are the friends you needed the most whilst undergoing depression? Oh right, they believed the rumours. But that’s what society teaches us right? To call people bitches, to spread false rumours, make untrue accusations, to lie, to blame, to harm and threaten, to walk over and use. The future lies in the hands of our generations? Well, shit, we’re all going to heaven aren’t we? Oops. That girl/boy you bullied already got there before you because of you. Well done society.” Now I wrote and captured this picture on the 14th of August, 2015. And honestly, I did expect a lot of people to pass harsh comments about the false make up used and the over dramatised description enlisted, but to my surprise, various people were impressed and praised my bravery for putting up such a narrative which duly incorporated the account of my past. This not only brought me to tears, but it also restored the conviction in myself that what I proclaimed on a widely used social media platform was not only over with, but very much appreciated. If this inspired you in the slightest manner possible, do let me know, and if you’d like me to talk about my bullying experience or anything on the related terms, comment below. Have a great day, you!


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