Nobody knows you better than you

People tell me its weird to talk to yourself and give yourself advice. I ask, “whats wrong with self reflection and self help?”
At the end of the day, you are your own personal Dr.Phil. You know you better than anyone else could.
Its often said that a mother knows best. Yes, she does. But she only will, once given the choices and circumstances at hand and the materials to work with. Thus, present yourself accordingly.

We know how our bodies work. What works best with our bodies. What turns us on and off. What gets us going in the morning after a heavy or light night’s rest.

At the end of the day, its us that we trust ourselves with. We can never lay our lives in other people’s hands unless we really do fail to cope with our respective selves and we should remember that the reception of assistance from and external source is never a shameful thing.
We as human beings were born individually for ourselves. We grew with ourselves. Some of us choose to ignore ourselves and indulge in the lives of others. Not in the form of gossip but in the form of assimilation and linkage.
We see ourselves in relation to others. Or as it is known as the “collective good”.
Why? We tend to view others as desirable and focus on the pros and problems that others face. Rather than focusing on our own lives, we become selfless human beings who go out of the way to complete other’s wishes but our own.
We tend to forget the problem at hand- focusing on ourselves. Sometimes we do listen to our body’s cries but its not always that we sit down and remind ourselves that we ourselves can solve our own problems. We go to others for assistance that winds up in payment of a heavy fee to a therapist or judgemental eyes from a friend/family member.
So really, do we ourselves , the person DIRECTLY involved, know if we like that person? Or are we going to let that person’s friends and your selfless nature let you push yourself over by the tempting influences of the people NOT involved?

Hence, sitting down with oneself, caring for oneself and making oneself HAPPY even if its against the “collective good” is required. The kick you get from it is beautiful. It feels like only you have power over you and that’s how it should be. You have the power over your mind , heart and soul. The ability to restrict ourselves or to set ourselves free. Its all within the power invested in us BY us.
We need to learn to learn about ourselves and do whats right for ourselves. Its not selfish. Its just high time we start caring for our needs and true wants before others needs and wants. Because lets be real here, others will have a thousand wants, but its your choice if you want to be a pushover or a strong and empowered human being.



3 thoughts on “Nobody knows you better than you

  1. You have grown up to be so inspiring !!! It makes me proud to see you writing about certain topics that people refuse to notice , which are very important , this beautiful write up might help many souls to put their crap aside and work at improving themselves which is so important .keep writing because you are in process of creating a change in someone’s life , or rather helping someone out there from getting into mental misery .
    Looking forward for you next one šŸ™‚

    Namitha rao

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Namita! This means so so much to be and i appreciate every bit of it. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who do notice such a curse. Again, thanks so much! Please do share this with people you know who would share the same opinion. And yes, I do plan to inspire, grow and create. Thank you!


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