The necessity for titles

Correct me if i’m wrong, but it seems to me that these days, people focus on labelling the people they scan walking past them rather than focusing on their own lives.

Nothing is ever a necessity unless it’s pretentiously voted for and seen by the majority as the commonality of society’s progression. BULLSHIT.

So then, if we do know that this whole shitty perception of the society exists, why do we do not make the slightest effort to end it completely, knowing the adverse effects it has on such people?

Why do we have to give titles to body shapes? Skinny bitches? Really? And if they’re too skinny we either criticize them like tell then they have a flat board or tell them to put on weight and all.
Why? Why do we do this? All while knowing that it could possibly result in the individual becoming bulimic or anorexic?

Why do we need to constantly point to a characteristic as a flaw? Who gave you the right to judge? Are you a professional athlete? Trainer or doctor? Unless you are, you’re not qualified to and you really shouldn’t.
Instead of pointing fingers and criticizing others, why don’t we just put in a little effort to stop and look at ourselves? Why don’t we make an attempt towards making ourselves better human beings instead of forcing others to?
They could also criticize you but they choose not to because they know what its like to be constantly reminded of their “flaws” and given remedies for them.
Instead of pointing out the wrong in a harsh way, talk to them calmly and be positive and appreciative of their features. They’re unique and so beautiful. Why must we always have an immediate reaction which is, the major of the time, negative?

Positivity induces harmony and balance. I’m sure we’re all loving human beings. Its just takes a pinch of no judgement to see it through and work on it.


Be happy. Live happy. And love yourself because you’re great. 


4 thoughts on “The necessity for titles

  1. Dear Stephanie , A beautiful peice from a beautiful mind , if only society would stop judging people on all things negative and pick up all things positive the world would definitely be a better place.
    Despite having everything we are constantly reminded of the goals yet to be acheived and we do not appreciate what we already have.
    Sad, but that is society for you and I hope you do not get crushed by it. There are a lot of people out there who will preach a lot if only they followed what they themselves preach .

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  2. Home, sleep, eat, work, earn, buy groceries, go out, adventure, have some fun in life. This was and is suppose to be the way people live.. together or alone.. but in todays world, home, chat, work, talk about other people, hang out and smoke shisha and hookah, loans, money, studies, buy latest gadgets, fulfill wants and minimize the needs, competition, challenge.. the so called society has advanced beyond the point of return. People or so we call them dont want to change.. they want the best they feel the need to be the best.. they have to be the best inorder to get a job.. the so called society has become a place of a few people living nearby each others house not talking to each other and not giving a shit about whats going on in their life.. they dont want to help neither do they need help.. everyone talks about each others backs whether it be neighbours, relatives, family.. this is the so called society we live in.. and it wont change for you or anyone.. all that we can do is follow them because the moment we go against the society’s unspoken rules.. we will end up being called ‘the weird ones’ people wont change.. they are afraid to change.. to go backwards.. we as species as they think are meant to evolve.. but the truth is.. the more we evolve the more complicated our lives are becoming.. we are killing ourselves in the hopes of becoming better..

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