Why do we have to give up what we love because its abnormal against the greater good? Don’t we have every right to pursue things that make us happy just as others do?
We’re humans. We’re different. At some point or the other, people need to understand, learn and accept that and not only see themselves as the normal ones.  They should not only accept them but also learn to embrace them.
We should hold close to our hearts the things that make us truly happy, for they  make us unique. Loving who you are and accepting yourself is so imp.
When i was growing up, i hated the colour pink and wanted a race car for my birthday but because i was a girl, i had to learn to like girly things. I loved playing video games but again, i wasn’t allowed to own one. At this age, i craved so many things i was banned from doing and having. People in my family used to make fun of me and gift me pink things for christmas and honestly, even though i was grateful for those gifts, i used to cry about them because they weren’t the ones i wanted. It was like i was being forced to change who i was. Being boyish, not wearing skirts, not able to walk in heels, no make up…everyone was worried that i was so “weird”. Is nonconformity weird? No. It fucking isn’t. Its a beautiful thing because that way, you’ll learn who you truly are and how you should grow in the society. Never backanswer, never retaliate but do things your way and enjoy that. Just because it makes you happy and not for revenge.  Sleep after a good day telling yourself that you got through the day by being you and not the person society expects you to be.
I know things are hard right now, but later on, you’ll learn to adapt to make soceity’s expectations and your true nature, meet. In addition, you’ll be able to stand out in the crowd and stand up for who you really are and that will feel amazing. Being unique, being you. Wonderful, amazing you.
Eventually, my mom understood me after constant repetition and emotional arguments about how i wasn’t a girly daughter like my sister. So, the morning of Christmas 2014, i was woken up to a stalking filled with blue and green nail polishes, great smelling perfumes, foot warmers and so much more. This proves that after constant reminders, my mom understood who i was and knew that she couldn’t change me into someone she wanted me to be and the society expected me to be. She embraced it and i was overjoyed by this.
This proves that yes it is a struggle to gain acceptance but the rewards of acceptance is so worth the struggle.
Of course I do wish we lived in a world where everyone was just accepted for who they were but change takes place gradually and so, we will fight for this together and achieve this not only for ourselves but also for our future generations who will be able to live their lives in harmony and peace without being judged and bullied.


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