Living in a fast paced world

These days, no one wants to wait. No one wants to sit around and wait for something good to happen to them but get up hurriedly make awful decisions that usually have negative consequences.
We find that we all need fast results and waiting to see results takes forever and we’re just not up for that.
Are you prepared to take 10 years to grow gradually or hit high tops in a year? Are we thankful for it?
What makes us think that getting to the top quickly rather than gradually, whilst gaining all the experience along the way, is better?
Eg.- if you’re given the choice between good and bad, youd probably choose the good. But wont the good end and the bad kick in? If youre a sadist or a pessimist, and you choose the bad, wont the bad end and the good come in through the clouds?
You go for an interview and they see your experience and ask for the number of years. Would they pick you for your qualifications or the person who’s been working hard at it for 6 years to the get to the position you’re at, at the moment?
We often tend to yern for the fastest and shortest cuts to success. Life isnt about growing your hair the fastest or finding exercise regimes that make us thin the fastest. Its about gradually getting there. Once we’re thin and happy with our bodies, our results eventually go to waste if we don’t keep up with those harsh regimes we crazily went through. This happens because while training, our body undergoes core pressure and so, once we achieve our goal, we quit the regime and pig out. Thus leading us to square one. It would be a 100 times better if we stuck to our work by gaining experience and using it to better our standards as we move along the way.
Life isnt about just the results. But the thorns and roses on the way.
Because guess what? The roses are as important as the thorns, If not better.
The thorns make us stronger and wiser and that’s what we need. Our contextual knowledge gets us far ahead in life. It makes us prepared for future situations. And because of this, we become unstoppable human beings. But sadly, no one wants to wait or even go through bad, required experiences to protect themselves in the future.
Taking time to enjoy the small things in life whilst living life to the fullest is what its all about.
You have a deadline? You make sure you organize your time and make time for play. Its impossible? Do your best. Can’t do your best in such a short time? Get help. We have people around us that have been at it for years and assistance is always at hand. Whether professional or friendly.


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